Date of birth: March 2nd 1946
Birthplace: Perugia, Italy
Italian Residence: Perugia, cap. 06127 via Francesco Alunni Pierucci,33
Telephone number (residence): 0039 075.5170599
Mobile phone: 0039 348.82.43.663

Nate: perfectly seeing at at first and sightlesslater, has been a Paralympicathlet: 400-800m Trackracing, 1000 meters cross country, kayak k2 for long distances,  trekker, canioner, poet, writer, ecologist, lecturer. Hissightless status, It hasgreatlyimproved, his  sensibility and hisprofessionalabilities.

Italian,  French, Spanish, Catalan ,  English


- Graduation in PEDAGOGIA- indirizzo psicopedagogico – Facoltà di Magistero – Università degli studi di Perugia – Italia-

- Post-graduation, LCP troisième cycle -150h – Faculté de Psychologie et Sciences de l’Education –Université Catholique de Louvain – Belgique.

- Graduation in  FILOSOFIA – indirizzo antropologico – Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia – Università degli Studi di Perugia.

- Post- graduation- SCIENCES FAMILIALE ET SEXOLOGIQUES – orientation psycho-clinique – troisième cycle 800h -Faculté de Medecine – Universitè Catholique de Louvain.

- Graduation in PSICOLOGIA (indirizzo applicativo) Facoltà di Magistero, Università degli studi di Roma “La Sapienza”

-Post graduation in PSICOLOGIA EVOLUTIVA I DE L’EDUCACIO – D.E.A. tercer cicle 38 crédits – Facultat de Psicologia, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Con suficencia investigadora (adimmssion for the doctoral thesis) .


-Genuary 1979 topresent,  research and studies in ordertopublish book and articles.

-1980-1983, training analysisheaded by Paul Johnker, full professor of “psychothérapie et de médecinepsychosomatique” and Maître de Conférence alla Faculté de Psychologie et Sciences de l’Education –Université Catholique de Louvain – Belgique,  president of the psychiatricassociation in Belgium, performedaccordingto the “Daseinsanalyse” method, existentialanalysis, at the HôpitalUniversitaireSaint-Luc di Bruxelles .

-September 1981 – June 1988, Ph.D. Internship as Psychologist Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology, Catholic University Lovanio [UCL] Belgium

-1981/83, A two-year grant awarded by Ministero degli AffariEsteri (Ministry of Italian Foreign Affaires) in order to earn a post-graduation in Family and Sexual Science, Catholic University of Lovanio [UCL] Belgium

-07.01.1983 to present, Psychologist-psychoterapist-sexulogist with his own practice in Italy end abroad.

-Settembre 1983 topresent, psychoterapist-sperimentalactivityasAthleticpychotherapists (individual and group psychological treatment)

-September 1983 to present, held several conferences as Psychologist-psychoterapeutist-sexulogist at local and national radio and television broadcasting

-07.01.1982 – 11.04.1985, Psychologist-psychotherapist, a year as Intern to research techniques for the rehabilitation of neuro-damaged patients at the Neurosurgery Ward – Regional General Hospital in Perugia Italy

-September 1983 to Present psychotherapist: psychotherapy of managers

-September 1983 – December 1987, Psychotherapist-sexoulogist, psychological support to foreigner students at University of Foreign Students, and at ASPU (Associazione Sanitaria PromozioneUmana-Medical Society of Human Promotion-) Perugia Italy

-09.01.1984 – 12.31.1987, Psychologist  -psychoterapeutist- sexuologist, collaborating as a researcher for the elaboration of data in Sexual Education: Educational trainer of the staff at the Office of Social and Health Councillor, Region of Umbria, Italy

-03.28.1985, Psychologist-psychotherapist, trainer of a Psychology course at the Female Prison in Perugia Italy

-October 1985 – June 1987, Lecturer of Psychology: Medical Education course at University for senior citizens, Perugia Italy academic years 1985/86 and 1986/87

-September 1988-March 1989, Ph.D. Intern as psychologist Researcher at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Geneva Swizerland

-January1988 – December 1991, Lectures and Psychotherapy aimed to improve Sales – Branch of the Britannic Encyclopaedia in Perugia (Ponte S. Giovanni) Italy

-February 1988 – October 1988, Psychologist-psychotherapist at ULSS (Local Medical Public Service) no. 3 in Perugia Italy

-November 1988 to present Psychologist-psychotherapist in Geneva (CH), Louvain-La-Neuve (BE), Los Angeles (CA), Miami (FL), Casablanca (MA), Dakar (SN), Perugia (IT), Barcelona (ES), Cordoba (ES), Tenerife (ES)-

-September 1989 – June 1992, Director of the International Clinical Psychologist Association, Rue de Bonne Esperance 1348, Luvain-La-Neuve Belgium, psychologist trainer, cases supervisor, psychotherapist, family and marriage advisor

-15th September 1990 – 30th June 1993, Ph.D. Intern Psychologist Researcher at the Institute of Families and Sexual Science, Catholic University Lovanio [UCL] Belgium

-October 1992 – June 1994, Lecturer of Psychology at the Nursery School of the Hospital in Spoleto Italy academic years 1992/93 and 1993/94

-02.17.1994 – 12.31.1994, Psychologist-Psychotherapist at the Hospital of Spoleto Italy Assistant at the Mental Diseases and Drugs Addiction Ward

-January 1995 to Present, Lecturer of psychotherapy for psychologist

-2003 technical advice for the Court of Perugia commissionedby the public Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini

-2004 technical advice for the Court of Perugia commissionedby the public Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini


September 1980, co-founder and active member of the non-profit  voluntary Association A.S.P.U. (Associazione Sanitaria Promozione Umana ) legally recognized, in Perugia.

07.11.1989 Association of Psychologist, Registration at the Roll of Psychologists and Psychotherapistof Umbria.IT, no. 35

06.04.1991 Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Registration at the Roll of Experts, no. 77884

08.04.1992 Civil and Criminal Court in Perugia, Italy Registration at the Roll of Experts no. 4 category of Psychologists

07.08.1992 Civil and Criminal Court in Perugia, Italy licence for the practice of psychotherapy

19. 06.1993 Civil and Criminal Court in Perugia, Italy Registration at the Roll of Technical Consultants, category of Psychologists, no. 1087.

09.17. 2012 Registration  at the IIustreColegioOficial de Psicòlogos de Santa Cruz de Tenerife.ES, n. T-2404 category of Psychologists

01-01-2015 Association of Psychologist, New Registration at the Roll of Psychologists and psychotherapistof Emilia Romagna.IT, no. 7970

Honorary Titles

-HonoraryMember of  R.L. Quatuor Coronati, Grande Oriente d’Italia, Corso Cavour Camillo Benso, 97, 06121 Perugia (PG, Italy),
phone: 00390755723828

-HonoraryMember of Circolo di Corrispondenza Q.C.
PresidentEng. Raffaele Stoppini
Via Vermiglioli 3 - 06123 Perugia (PG)

-7h Grade Knight of the Inner Tower of the SupernusOrdoEquestrisFratribusTempli, Italian Office: SOEFT International Great Master’s office, European Great Prior VittorioVanni, Via Siena 4 - 50142 Firenze (FI). Head Office: The most Revd Dr. Scott McLaughlin, Metropolitan Archbishop, 464 County Home Road, Lexington, NC, 27292.

- Member of R.L. Atlantide n. 1154 Orient of Perugia (Italy)

-Member of the Supremo Consiglio 33° ed ultimo grado del Rito Scozzese Antico ed Accettato (R.S.A.A) per la -

giurisdizione massonica italiana. Oriente di Perugia.

-Member of Kiwanis International Club – Italy S. Marino District, Kiwanis Club Perugia.